McLaren x 



McLaren + Deadmau5 go together like any legendary combination you can think of. The Mau5trap label boss is well known for his love of high-performance sportscars, and thus - UK's own McLaren was the ultimate partner to partner with the Mau5 and take over central London.

We forged a 360 partnership between Deadmau5 + McLaren - including a week long showroom in Central London. The shop had lines wrapped around both sides of the block - as fans waited to meet Deadmau5, compete in the SCUF gaming lounge, score new collaborations from MetaThreads + TRBL and much more.

Two brand new McLaren's were customized by ISHU - an Anti-Paparazzi technology company - in custom Mau5trap artwork. Throughout the week, the amazing sportscars were seen traveling across London, popping up at a full run of Deadmau5 shows - and pumping out a special curated playlist (Mau5's favorite McLaren Driving Tunes) featured on TIDAL!