KAMIKOTO creates some of the most beautiful, high-end Japanese Steel Knives on the market. As an e-commerce first company, it was the Pop-Up Agency's job to spearhead their first foray into the physical retail space.

Peak-Season for Kamikoto is right around Father's Day and the Summer Kick-Off, and the goal was to create a bespoke, luxury mall kiosk to represent the brand and give consumers their first opportunity to engage the brand in real life before making a high price point purchase.  In turn, we designed from scratch, a beautiful kiosk representative of the brands "Thousand-Year Japanese Tradition".

From there, we partnered with one of the largest malls in the tri-state area, Roosevelt Field Mall - and worked with the mall to lock down the most premium location in the center atrium of the mall. Pop-Up Agency fully staffed, trained and oversaw operations for the Kamikoto mall kiosk for the entirety of the three month summer pop-up takeover!