First time popping-up? Seasoned Pro? No matter where you are in you're experiential journey the Pop Up Agency is here to be your guide, your teacher and the team which helps you level up all of your campaign goals.

Frequently asked questions

Where does Pop Up Agency Operate?

Our team is (mostly) based in New York and Los Angeles, however we operate nationwide and in most markets internationally!

What Sort of Pop-Ups and Activations Do You Build?

We can create it all - we've done every type of activation, event and pop-up under the sun. We've done retail tours, custom kiosks, artist pop-ups, concerts, festivals, food-fairs, mobile activations, touring programs, 10 Pop-Ups in One Day, Drive-Ins, Press Events, PR Stunts, Keynote Speeches, Product Launches, Launch Parties, Record Releases, Fan Events, Album Signings, Pop-Up Restaurants and so, so, so much more!

How Does Pricing Work?

We strive to meet our clients where they're at and operate with everyone we work with as if they're a member of the extended Pop Up Agency Family. We'll design and optimize budgets to meet your campaign goals! Transparency and Collaboration are key princples at the Pop Up Agency

What Services Do You Provide?

We are a one-stop shop. Think of us as an extension of your team that lives and breathes the campaign you scope us on. You receive one dedicated project manager that oversees all parts of the program on your behalf. We provide all creative, production and marketing services in-house and have partners nationwide (and globally) to ensure that you don't have to make a single other phone call. And yes - as much as we love to partner with our clients on a full-service offering, we're also happy to provide a la carte services such as the examples listed below: -Campaign Creative -End-to-End Production Services -Omni Channel Marketing & PR -Location Scouting -Venue Sourcing / Negotiatons -Vendor Mgmt -Staffing, Security & Operations -Insurance, Permitting, Licensing -Build-Outs & Fabrication -Content Production, Film & Photography ...and that's just to give you a taste. If you're unsure if we provide exactly what you're looking for - just give us a shout (PopUp@PopUpAgency.CO) and one of our pop-up specialists will be happy to help!

Will We Need To Work With Any Other Agencies or Vendors?

Not at all! We are a one-stop shop, an extension of your team that will eat, sleep and breathe your campaign. We'll handle the entire scope, from creative & production, to vendor sourcing, management and payments. We have global & national partnerships and have the ability to quickly activate new partners and vendors to meet any of our clients (typically last-minute) campaign needs.

Is our Brand or Artist Ready to Pop-Up?

Absolutely! It's never too soon, it's all about having a good strategy. We're well experienced in working on a brand or artist's first popup, and have developed a host of strategy to help newcomers make noise in crowded marketplaces

Can You?

Yes. We're a solutions-based agency. We solve out of the box problems that others can't, or won't...especially on your timeline. Across the country the Pop Up Agency is known for unusual and out of the box requests that wind up being mutually beneficial for all stakeholders involved. Thus, we'll never say we can't make something happen - just "how much time do we have and when can we get started?"

Do we need to provide anything?

Not at all! You don't even need to provide us with a concept. All we need is an understanding of your campaign goals, KPI's and an understanding of your brand/artist and customers. From there, we can completely build a bespoke 360 experiential and marketing campaign.

What if we don't have a creative idea yet?

No worries at all! Our team will immediately deep-dive your brand and campaign goals and then have a roundtable brainstorming session where all of our experts come together in designing bespoke experiential & marketing ideas for your brand.

We already have a plan...Can you help execute?

Know what you want and chomping at the bit to turn it into a reality? Perfect, we'll work with your team to turn your ideas into optimized realities. Give us a shout today, let us know what you've got cooking up and let us know how we can help, we'll be honored to join the cause!

Do you work with Brands?

Absolutely! We build Retail Pop-Ups and Brand Activations for brands big and small! We also create PR Stunts, Media Events, Product Launches, Keynotes, B2B Events, Virtual Programming, Corporate Benefit Events, Employee Appreciation Days and So Much More

Do you work with Artists?

100% We've worked with some of the biggest - and some of the newest artists in the game. Whether it's a global album launch with multiple high-impact touchpoints, or an artists first time out cultivating their fanbase IRL - we've got you covered. Give us a shout at to set up a discovery call today.

More Questions?