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10 U.S. Pop-Ups launch the No. 10 Collaborations Album!

We love partnering up with our friends at Warner Music Group and Atlantic Records to create epic album experiences for some of our favorite artists. When Ed Sheeran decided to create an album of collaborations with HIS favorite artists, we knew just what to do - 10 Epic Pop-Ups to match!

First, we identified the 10 markets across the United States which represented the hometowns of the artist collaborators featured on Ed's Album. For New York and Los Angeles, we created special flagship experiences that kicked off the night before album release with epic VIP & Super Fan Listening Parties with celebrity hosts like Charlamagne tha God.


Next, we opened ALL TEN POP-UPS at the SAME TIME on album release date! Thousands of fans were lined up around 10 blocks in 10 major cities to score exclusive merch. The merchandise also featured collaborations - with streetwear icon brands like Rhude, Kid Super and Chinatown Market.

“Ed’s always been a fan-first artist and he’s on tour right now so he can’t be in all these territories while the record’s coming out,” said Gregg Nadel, president of Elektra Records and Sheeran’s U.S. A&R marketing. “So the thought was to create some sort of events that fans can enjoy for the celebration of this album.”

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Experiential Design, Celebrity Collaboration, 
Venue Sourcing & Build,
Custom Fabrication,
Full Project Management,
Touring, Multi-City Logistics

New York, Detroit, Los Angeles, Boston, Seattle, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago Philadelphia

Summer 2019

From Dreams to Reality!

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