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'Custom Fabricating a Kiosk as Beautiful as the Knives'

When Kamikoto approached us to build out a custom kiosk and launch a Father's Day campaign for them - we knew we had to create something that was as beautiful as the knives we were featuring in the Pop-Up. 

First, we deep-dived and studied the brand, along with the history of Japanese knife-making culture. Throughly researching material types, wood grains, angles and construction techniques, we designed Kamikoto's first retail experience - a custom built, center-court kiosk.

From there, we launched a month long Kamikoto Pop-Up at Roosevelt Field Mall in Long Island, NY - allowing the brand to meet customers IRL for the first time ever, and show them just how special these Japanese Knives truly are!


Experiential Design, Custom Fabrication, 
Venue Negotiation,

Full Project Management,
Staffing, Content Creation, Marketing & PR


Long Island, NY


Father's Day


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