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King of Style Michael Jackson Logo
"Launching a New Platform for the King of Pop"

In partnership with 'King of Style' and the Michael Jackson Estate, we hosted the live-taping and influencer experience event for the launch of the Roundtable Discussion at the New York Edition Hotel. Featuring Michael's stylist & designer Michael Bush, John Branca, June Ambrose, Kamini, Rushka Bergman, Prince Jackson and others - the day was the kick-off of a platform focused on celebrating Michael's love for - and long lasting legacy in the world of fashion.

The highlight of the night, was a custom designed sound stage where fans could recreate Michael's iconic dance movies from the Billie Jean music video. Further along fans could explore a gallery showcasing all the modern celebrities' fashion influenced by Michael, as well as a digital recreation of the legendary King of Style Collector's Edition Book by Michael Bush.

The event also featured a bespoke 360 content booth, custom fedora and sparkly glove station, and plenty of interactive audio visual experiences highlighting how the King of Pop, was also...the King of Style!




Celebrity Collaboration,

Launch Event Design,

Custom Fabrication,

Digital Experience Creation, Content Production

Times Square,

New York City

Winter 2023

From Dreams to Reality!

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